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Mexus Selling Cable and Mexus Producing Gold

Submarine Cable Operations

Mexus Selling Cable!

The Mexus tug and barge arrived in Washington State on October 31, 2011. Our sales representative, Power Com, has potential purchasers evaluating the cable and preparing bids at this time. The cable pulling equipment operated very well and above expectations, however, there were external problems which limited our capability to properly salvage a large volume of cable. The weather and sea conditions were the largest challenge to conducting efficient salvage operations. Based on the knowledge and information acquired through this initial salvage effort the determination has been made to purchase a ship with a carrying capacity of approximately 1.5 million pounds and operate at greater depths in open water under adverse weather conditions.  The target submarine cable is approximately 30 pounds per foot, therefore, storage requirements will require a ship of this magnitude for recovery of the target cable.  Mexus has already replaced its smaller survey boat with a 42′ former US Coast Guard vessel powered by twin Cummins engines which is capable of operating in open water and conducting survey data acquisition to 1000 feet in depth.  This vessel will be working offshore Washington and Oregon coasts later this year to survey and identify our larger and more profitable targets.

Caborca, Sonora State, Mexico

Mexus Produces Gold!

Mexus placer gold recovery project is producing gold at this time. Mexus is adding larger equipment to the facility to increase the overall efficiency of the milling process. In addition, two larger haul trucks are scheduled to arrive in Caborca on November 11, 2011.

Mexus intends to begin a diamond core drilling program in anticipation of receiving a geological report under the standards of 43101 on the Caborca hard rock area adjacent to our placer operation by November 14, 2011. The core drilling program will initially be situated at the Julio underground mine on 100′ centers and to a depth of 300′. The Julio underground mine at the 100′ level has previously produced assays as high as 5.5 ounces per ton gold.  Mr. Paul Pelke, Geologist, of Reno, NV has been retained to oversee the drilling operation and will be preparing the geological report. The hard rock core drilling target area is approximately 1 square mile based on surface observations and soil evaluations.

Mining and recovery facilities for the hard rock target area are expected to include an open pit operation with an underground high grade operation at the same time.