Our Mission

  • Provide education to interested parties concerning mining activities, environmental issues and safety concerns
  • To protect the environment through prudent operations
  • Create employment opportunities for residents of local communities
  • Focus on development of projects in Mexico and the US


MexusGoldUS is a gold, silver and copper exploration company focused on projects in Northern Mexico. Mexico has numerous properties in the Sonoran Desert including its flagship property the Santa Elena/Julio. The Santa Elena/Julio is currently being managed by Argonaut Gold Inc. (TSE:AR) under a joint venture option agreement signed in July of 2015. The goal is to be drilling on this property by the end of 2015. In addition, the company holds concessions approximately 80km NE of Hermosillo, Mexico. The property (Ocho Hermanos) is currently being evaluated and the company is looking to joint venture this property in the same manner as the Santa Elena/Julio.

The company is also involved with North Pacific Gold in Alaska for the recovery of unutilized underwater cable. The equipment is in place to begin pulling cable once the location of the cable has been mapped and all of the local jurisdictions are on board.

The long term plan for the company is to have multiple revenue streams from multiple endeavors creating a diversified income stream for its shareholders.



Mexus Gold Mining SA de CV:
Open pit, Placer, and High grade underground.
Julio, Santa Elena: 1,335.61 Hectares

Ocho Hermanos- Guadalupe De Ures:
Ocho Hermanos
San Ramon