News and Press Releases

Caborca Update

The projects situated on the Caborca Properties are moving forward on schedule with both the placer operations and the hard rock operations entering the production phase of each project.

Placer Operations Caborca, State of Sonora, Mexico

The assembly of new equipment for the placer mining project is now complete and the equipment has been installed into the production cycle. After trial tests and adjustment the facility will be placed into production on Tuesday, July 24, 2012.

Hard Rock Operations Caborca, State of Sonora, Mexico

The equipment scheduled for installation at the Julio quartz deposit is now complete. The 120 ton per day crushing and milling recovery plant has been successfully tested and is now in production producing and recovering gold as expected. The initial material to be processed by the facility is an estimated 30,000 ton mine dump from previous mining attempts by the owner’s ancestors. Grab sample assay analysis results have indicated gold content high as 28 grams per ton. Mexus is expecting the average overall gold content to be approximately 7.5 grams per ton.

The newly installed crushing and milling recovery plant is designed for the Julio quartz vein which has had past assay analysis results as high as 5.5 oz. of gold per ton and with some visible gold in the quartz rock.

A hydraulic head frame hoisting system has been installed on the Julio vein whereby, Mexus expects to initiate an underground operation into production by August 20, 2012.

President Paul Thompson states that “Mexus will continue drilling and as soon as our new recovery plant has been time tested, Mexus will work toward a third and larger project which is an open pit concentrating on a high volume heap leach recovery system.”